DiekA is an open source finite element code (FEM) for forming simulations and evaluating advanced plasticity models for large deformations.

The most important features of the code are:
1. The arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method (ALE).
With this method the displacement of the element mesh is uncoupled from the material displacement. Material "flows" through the mesh. ( Huetink), ( Wisselink).
2. The temperature can be used as a degree of freedom.
3. Contact with special interface elements, and by a generalized contact method ( Kloosterman).
4. Tool description can be done by geometric contours, and by external files, Patran neutral files or GID files).
5. For 3 dimensional calculations bulk elements, membrane elements, plate elements and contact elements have been developed.
6. Many material models are available for large deformation plasticity.

Application examples:

Simulating of rolling. Left: Updates Lagrange and Right: ALE:


Crossdie deepdrawing for evaluation and experemental validation of material models: ( Van Riel)

Numisheet '05 Benchmark: